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Using the ArbiterSports System
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  • 12/8/2020

    How to Navigate ArbiterSports Video Click Here

  • 10/18/2018

    You will be notified via email if you have new or changed assignments in the system. It is important that you react to these messages in a timely manner. Be aware that occasionally you will get such an email and nothing will appear different to you. It may be that your partner has changed or the time is different. In these instances, just check that you show as having accepted the assignment and take note of your current partners, the date and time of the game. It is not necessary to alert the assignor via email that you got sent an unnecessary notice. Instructions for using this part of the system are as follows:

    1. Click on the link for "Schedule."
    2. Click either "Accept" or "Decline" for each assignment as appropriate.
    3. Click the "Submit" button at the top or bottom of the page when finished.

    Other Schedule Info

    • You can view partners, send out reminder emails, etc. by clicking on the game number at the left side of an assignment.
    • The Standard View will show you all assignments from today's date forward for all groups you are in. You can filter the list if desired to show only assignments from a particular assignor by unchecking the boxes for other assignors at the top left of the screen.
    • To show all assignments, including those in the past, click the "Show All" box at the left of the screen. This is helpful if you need to submit a report on past assignments. (The "R" icon is the link to submit a game report.)
    • Although the Standard View gives you the most information on one screen by using a table format, you can also view your schedule by day, week or month by choosing the appropriate option on the left side of the screen.
    • Each sport assignor can determine whether or not to allow assignments that have already been accepted to be turned back through the system.
      • If your assignor does allow this, simply click the "Turn Back Assignment" link on the right side of the assignment from within your Schedule page.
      • If your assignor does not allow assignments to be turned back through the system, you must call or email and ask to be removed from an assignment. If you leave a message or send an email, make sure the assignor responds.

        If necessary, keep contacting your assignor via phone or email until the matter is resolved.
    • To individually accept or reject assignments, click the "Detail ID" button at the far left for the assignment in question.
  • 10/18/2018

    One of the most important parts of the ArbiterSports system is the "Blocks" section. The Sharing feature outlined above only blocks the officiating dates from ArbiterSports assignors. You must block the dates/times you are unavailable for other reasons yourself using the "Blocks" section of the website. Keeping your calendar updated in each sport you work is imperative to the success of the system. The assignors assume that if a date is open, you are available to work! The assignors have each undertaken their roles to help keep officials in our area working area games. Although they are compensated for their efforts, it is only a part-time position. Officials who turn back games simply because they did not keep their availability updated place a tremendous burden on the assignors and schools, who depend on the system to get their contracts out in a timely manner. Below are the steps to update your calendar once you're in the system:

    1. Click the link for "Blocks" at the top of the page. (It doesn't matter which group you are logged into. You can block dates for multiple assignors from any group.)
    2. Look at the upper-left section of the screen. All of the groups you belong to will be displayed by number. You can see which group is which by resting your mouse over the number. It will show you the group name in the form of a little "sticky note." Make sure you have clicked in the box beside all groups that you'd like to include in the block.
    3. Click "Block All Day" or "Block Part Day" depending on your choice.
    4. If you have chosen "Block Part Day" use the time range drop-down boxes to choose the time range you are unavailable to work.
    5. On the calendar, click on the date you would like to block.
    6. Continue blocking dates for that month until finished.
    7. Choose another month by clicking the next or previous month links at the right and left side of the top of the calendar, or by selecting a month from the drop-down list at the right side of the screen.
    8. Repeat for the entire season.

    Other Blocks Info

    • If you would like to include a note each time you block a date, click the "Add Notes" box at the left side of the screen. This will prompt you to input a short note about that block. This note can be for yourself or for your assignors.
    • If a date that you have blocked later opens up, you can click the "Clear Blocks" option on the left side of the screen and then click the date or dates you would like to unblock.
    • You can also block larger date ranges, using the "Date Range" section at the top right of the screen. Just put in the starting and ending range, and click the boxes for which days of the which to apply the blocks in this range and click Apply.
    • Keep your availability updated throughout the season, not just prior to the initial game assignments.
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