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Baseball Training Area

Baseball Training Area

Thursday, February 18, 2021
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To become better, we need better attendance at our training sessions.

If you cannot attend the training sessions-meetings, you will need to contact Isaac Fuller and let him know why you must miss. Isaac can be reached at Isaac will keep attendance records for all meetings. Your schedule (game assignments) will reflect your attendance at the training sessions-meetings.

Training sessions:

All baseball umpires should be receiving emails from Isaac Fuller. If you are not receiving his messages, please contact him at or 239-537-2830

All changes to the schedule and notices will be sent via email.


Here are a list of Videos that have been created by Jeff Tenbarge to better help the management of games throughout the season.


NEW!  GNOA 2-MAN MECHANICS - Passcode: 2mgS7+*U

NEW!  Batting out of Order   pdf1    pdf2

NEW!  How to handle a Line-up Card

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