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PUBLIC Middle School Basketball Tournament Procedure
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Contest Organization - All  games will be played with the following format: 


1.            Games should begin at or as close the scheduled time as possible.  Warm-ups for the                   first game of a multi-game session will begin ten (10) minutes before the scheduled                       game time.

2.            Maximum warm-up time before games is (10) minutes.  By mutual agreement of the                       coaches this time may be shortened.

3.            Half-time period is five (5) minutes.

4.            Games will be played in four (4) quarters, each seven (7) minutes in duration.

5.            Each team has four (4) timeouts per game, two full (1:00) and two thirty (30) second                     timeouts.

6.            Each team is granted one additional full timeout in overtime.

7.            Overtime periods will be three (3) minutes in length.

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