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GNOA FHSAA Basketball Playoff Crews announced
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The 2020 Playoff Committee met and they have approved the following playoff crews:

Boys Crew 1:
Shannon McFee
Mike McLister
Sara Nelson

Boys Crew 2:
Rick Armalavage
B. Wild
Dave Farr

Boys Crew 3:
Art VanDamme
Dave Noponen
Skip Yutzler

Girls Crew 1:
Darrell Bailey
Rick Lines
Scott Aul

Girls Crew 2:
Troy Costain
TIm Philbrick
Ralph Rodriguez

Girls Crew 3:
Frank Bepko
Dave Krueger
Carlos Guillen


2019 GNOA Basketball President, Carl Defurio announced at the Wednesday, January 16th meeting that the following crews will be submitted to the FHSAA for the 2019 FHSAA Basketball Playoffs that begin February 4th. 

Congratulations to the members and lets have a GREAT playoff tournament!

Girls Crews

Crew #1 

Ben Klaas, Dave Noponen, Sara Nelson

Crew #2

Troy Costain, Carl Defurio, Scott Aul

Crew #3

Jon Sidorovich, Tim Philbrick, John Stanley

Boys Crews

Crew #1

Darrell Bailey, Rick Lines, Bryan Wild

Crew #2

Rick Armalavage, Mike McLister, Christian Douglas

Crew #3

Frank Bepko, Tim Philbrick, Carlos Guillen

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