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Gulf Coast Athletic Conference MS Basketball Rules
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Below are the Middle School Basketball rules for the GCAC which includes:
  • Village School
  • First Baptist
  • Seacrest
  • Community School
  • Evangelical Christian School
  • Southwest Florida Christian 
  • Canterbury School 

II.)          Boys and Girls Basketball

A.            Boys Basketball will be comprised of all male players who meet eligibility requirements under FHSAA Article IX.  Girls Basketball will be comprised of female students who meet eligibility requirements under Article VI of the Bylaws.

B.            Game balls used for competition: 29.5 ball for A boys.  28.5 ball for A girls and B boys and girls

C.            The games will be played according to the official rules as spelled out by the National Federation of High School Association, with the following exceptions:

D.            All games will consist of four, 6-minute quarters with a 5 minute half.  In case of a tie at the end of regulation, a 3-minute overtime will be used.  In the regular season, if the score is still tied after two overtimes, the game will end in a tie.  A Conference Playoff game may not end in a tie. 

E.            A team may not press if they are leading by 15 or more points.  If the score differential becomes less than 15, the leading team may press.     There will be a running clock after a team is leading by 25 in the second half.  If the score differential becomes less than 25, running clock will continue.

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