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How to Obtain a Jessica Lunsford Contractor Badge
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  1. Comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act.
    The Jessica Lunsford Act is the informal name given to a 2005 Florida law designed to punish sex offenders and reduce their ability to re-offend.

    This means that your local officials association will need your finger print clearance prior to assigning you. You may contact your local county school district office for information regarding locations to complete the fingerprint process. 

    Officials are independent contractors and require a level 2 screening (background check). This is a check of a person's background via state and national databases to ascertain whether the individual has been convicted of a crime(s) and its/their nature. It requires you to file with the district school board a set of fingerprints taken by an authorized law enforcement agency or an employee of the school or school district who is trained to take fingerprints. 

    You may refer to Florida Statutes 1012.467 and 1012.468 by clicking here

Obtaining a Jessica Lunsford badge is a two step process:


Step 1.  Contact the Jessica Lunsford badge administrator (LeRoy Huenefeld) for GNOA.  You will have to give your Name, Social Security number and Date of birth, to be put on a form submitted to CCPS by GNOA.  It is important that the name on the form is the same as your driver’s license.


Step 2.-

Please DO NOT go to CCPS , but follow the instruction below to obtain a JLB



1. Click on the link below, copy the login, password and vendor number first.

Click here


2. Login is: colrv

Password: Password1

3. GNOA vendor code is CC1209 (if that does not work use the search function and type in Greater Naples Officials Group to find our vendor code)

4. Fill out the form to make your appointment. (Closest Place is on the Trail by the hospital it is a UPS Store)

5. Payment is needed before you can confirm your appointment time for your fingerprints ($96.35) Credit cards are accepted as payment

6. Bring your photo ID to your appointment

7. Email the GNOA Lunsford Badge Coordinator (LeRoy Huenefeld) to let him know you have gotten your fingerprints taken.

8. Once your badge is ready we will let you know

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