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Gulf Coast Athletic Conference MS Soccer Rules
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Below are the Middle School Soccer rules for the GCAC which includes:
Village School
First Baptist
Community School
Evangelical Christian School
Southwest Florida Christian 
Canterbury School 

I.)            Boys and Girls Soccer

A.            Boys and Girls Soccer will be comprised of male and female players who meet eligibility requirements under FHSAA Article IX

B.            The games will be played according to the official rules as spelled out by the National Federation of High School Association, with the following exceptions:

C.            During the regular season, games that are tied at the end of regulation will remain a tie.

D.            During the Conference tournament, teams will play a single ten minute sudden victory period.  If the game is still tied, a shootout will take place between the teams. For the purpose of league records: win= 5 pts; tie= 3 pts; loss= 0 pts. Games will be 30 minute halves and 5 minute half time.

E.            In the event a game is not able to reach the end of regulation, the game is considered regulation when one half has been completed.

F.            For Conference Playoffs the game may not end in a tie.

In the Championship tournament, ties will be resolved thru overtime periods.  There will be one four (4) minute period played.  If a goal is scored in overtime (Golden Goal) the contest ends at that moment.  If the score remains tied at the end of one (1) overtime period a Penalty Kick Shootout** will ensue



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