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Sunshine League MS Volleyball Rules

Sunshine League MS Volleyball Rules

Monday, November 12, 2018
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Here is the list of league rules or modifications that we would like the referees coming to our games to use.  This includes the schools

Naples Christian

St. Elizabeth Seton,

Village School

Royal Palm


St. Ann

Our league is not FHSAA, so we have modified our rules to fit our programs

Games will be played on a marked court 30’ x 60’ with a 7’4” high net stretched across the middle thus creating 2 sides each 30’ x 30’

JV Level (4th-6th grade):  Girls are allowed to serve at a line three feet in front of the normal service line, but they are still not allowed to cross this line in the process of serving.  This level is very developmental so we are going to be more relaxed on the rules.  Please call blatant errors, but be more relaxed on doubles, etc.  We use a volley lite volleyball. 
Varsity Level (7th and 8th):  Girls use a standard size ball and serve from the normal line.  We prefer the rules be called tighter at this level than the JV. 
Both Levels:  We would greatly appreciate the refs allowing us to play a third “fun” game in the event that a third game is not needed to break a tie.  This game takes very little time but gives some of our youngest athletes a chance to play.  We will not play the “fun” game in the league tournament.  Our league will not use liberos.  We would also prefer not to use line judges and allow our refs to make the call on lines.  We trust them to make more accurate calls than a young girl or parent.
Warmup:  We will use the 7-7-1 as the high school does.
Lineups:  We are encouraging coaches to turn in rosters and use the FHSAA lineup sheet.  However, please be flexible as our coaches learn.  Our league is all about learning, sportsmanship, and having fun. 

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